Bad Kissingen
Bad Kissingen, a wonderful quiet town of Northern Bavaria, is one of the oldest resorts in Germany with a population of approximately 24,000 people. The town is more than 1,200 years old. Mineral springs of the resort have been known since 801.
Bad Kissingen became famous as a “kings’ resort” and the capital of aristocratic leisure. A lot of crowned heads were regular guests here. Since 1857 Russian Tsar Alexander II met here the Austrian Kaiser couple - Franz Joseph I and his spouse Elizabeth many times.
Leo Tolstoy, Otto Bismarck, Richard Strauss, Neil Armstrong came here time and again.
Since 1999 the town has been recognized as one of the most famous resort towns.


Bad Kissingen is a very green city. There is no industry, noise, and polluted air in the town.
There is a great number of parks and gardens here, the town is smothered in greenery and balmy perfume of roses, flower beds and flower arrangements are seen everywhere.
There are great places for walking and recreation here. It’s just like paradise for those who like walking in the fresh air!
Outdoor sports and entertainment enthusiasts will also find something to their liking.
The main advantage of Bad Kissingen is its mineral springs the healing power of which contributes to the treatment of many diseases.

One of the highest rates of overnight stays for resort towns in Germany was recorded in the hotels of Bad Kissingen that is 2 million per year.
Bad Kissingen is located 135 km away from Frankfurt and Nuremberg in the valley of the river Franconian Saale. The nearest major economic centres of Bavaria are Wurzburg and Schweinfurt. Good transport accessibility is provided by turnoffs to highways A70, A71, and A7.